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Piano Care

This material has been complied in accordance with the National Piano Manufacturers Association for you the owner of a new or used piano.   This will answer any questions you may have as how to maintain yours piano in its original condition.  Your piano is an investment that can give you and your family a lifetime of happiness and pleasure, and it can be the center of your home a lasting source of fun and entertainment.

Your piano is a beautiful piece of furniture, and it is also a wonderful machine for making musical entertainment.  It's needs deserves intelligent care.  Your piano is a complex blending of many diverse and costly raw materials.  There are more then 9,000 parts in the key and action combination alone.  If you were to analyze the materials in your piano, you would find top quality wood of many species, iron, steel, copper, brass wool, cotton, and various adhesives.  Piano strings are known as the "Blue Chip" of the steel industry.  They represent the highest development in steel wire and but few mill have the ability to manufacture them.  Remember that there are more then 200 strings in standard piano and their combined tension experts a pull of better then 18 tons.  These strings bear upon the sounding board by means of wooden bridges and a system of reverse bearing which lock the strings and sounding together.  Each of these strings must be kept at the proper designed tension or the piano will be off pitch and produce an inharmonious tone.  In other words it will be OUT OF TUNE.

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